SubBits subtitler

SubBits subtitler 4.22

Edit, time and generate subtitles and/or cc to video DVD or broadcast.

A professional subtitle / CC preparation and render toolset
We're proud to announce that the CC capabilty is compatible with FCP 7. You now can output your video to tape including CC, without additional cost!
If you have the need for subtitles you will probably find that it's not very practical to do the translation in your NLE's title generator. Almost no NLE gives you the option to playback your show and type at the same time. SubBits does. It is developed in close cooperation with professional translators and has all the handy tools you need to make a translation for titles and output to the format of choice. You can even work on a simple office machine, freeing up your precious edit suite.
What's new in this version:
New output formats added: WMV compatible SMI with ASX YouTube, subRip Bitmaps with FAB script for Adobe Encore. Timed Text / Flash XML.
New! Avid SubCap support!

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