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StuntmanBob is a great collection of arcade games.
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StuntmanBob is a great collection of arcade games. All the games, which are called modes, feature Stuntman Bob, a ragdoll stuntman. There are six different game modes. The first one is a 3D scroller, where you need to run as far as you can while collecting gems and avoiding enemies. Your task is to jump from one platform to another and the game gets more and more challenging as you get farther and farther. The second mode is called Cannon Ball. In this mode, you need to aim a cannon to hit a target on the other side of the screen. The cannon shoots Bob in the air. The third mode is called Smashing Balls. Here, you control Bob and need to dodge huge balls that come from the top of the screen. If a ball hits you, the game is over. The next mode, Kite, lets you fly a kite through a set of checkpoints and through a finish line. The last two modes are not as fun. In one of them you can grab Bob and throw him in the air to see how he falls and in the other one, you put in a car, and crash it onto a wall or drive around with him inside the car.

One great thing about the game is that you can easily switch modes by clicking on the escape button and selecting the mode you want. All is done quickly. Some of the modes have different levels that you can unlock by completing previous levels.

José Fernández
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