Package of synthesizers for modern, innovative, curious musicians
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Studio9000 - is a package of sound machines which fulfill your needs for making music in cyberspace. It is software, but above all, it is a provider of sound possibilities for both trendsetters and hardworking musicians of all kinds.When you obtain and install the Studio9000 you receive the following:Vibra family seriesThe Vibra family series is a set of monophonic virtual analogue synthesizers. The set consist of the 1000, 6000 and the 9000, which gives you complete digital sound quality with the power and flexibility of advanced analogue synthesizers.Stella9000A polyphonic sample synthesizer -- Easy and creative to use..Strings, pads, acoustic instruments, human voices and many other sound samples come alive with the Stella9000.Use samples from CD's, the internet or your own recordings.Load any SDII or AIFF sound files and then twist and tweak as you please using outstanding filters, envelopes, LFO's and modulators.Gamma9000A polyphonic programmable drum machine -- The drum lab..You can load samples directly into this dedicated drum machine with superb sound quality.You can control playback, envelope, modulation and mix each sound on it's own.This machine is much more than just simply a sample playback.Flexibility and ease of use enables you to quickly achieve the drum sounds you want.Try this machine and it will become your favourite drum and percussion workhorse.



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