Structurer Pro

Structurer Pro 1.5

Help web developers quickly create project templates.
1.5 (See all)

Structurer Pro was the original Nettuts app, built to help web developers quickly create project templates without having to manually create each file and folder.
When you open up Structurer Pro, you’re greeted with a fairly spartan interface with a couple of text boxes. The first step is to choose a base path for your project’s folder. Next, you start defining the files and directories you want to create using a very straightforward set of rules.

To create a file, just type in the name of the file you want to create with the appropriate extension. To create a folder, type in the name you want to use, then a forward-slash. If you’d like to populate the folder, you can either add a file name on the same line as the folder name after the slash, or start a new line and precede the file name with a forwad-slash.

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