Stripe Physics

Stripe Physics

StripePhysics is a physics demolition game with a timer between each action.
Smackall Games Pvt Ltd
License type: Freeware

StripePhysics is a physics demolition game with a timer between each action. This means that when you click to destroy a block, you have to wait about two seconds before you can destroy another one. In the meantime the effects of the first demolition take their toll on the structure. It's a variation that makes puzzles that might look easy at first become criminally hard.

In most other respects the program is like any other - except more mediocre. Different colors are all that distinguishes the different kinds of objects, making it necessary to memorize which color means keep, which means destroy, which means neutral, and which means completely stationary. Background music could not be more irritating, with an audio seam between each highly repetitive, high-pitched loop. There are 64 levels, but I got stuck at level 7, and I have zero motivation to try any further. No wonder the developers created a sequel rather than try to improve upon a lost cause.

Sam's Protip: The game doesn't actually require the ball to be stable on the platform - it just requires it to be in a certain maximum distance above the platform for a certain period of time, I think. Most of the time you really have no idea when the game is going to let you pass to the next level.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Those looking for a slightly different physics challenge may enjoy this


  • Awful music
  • Awful graphics
  • Awful level design
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