StreamLogger 1.5

Like a traditional video logging tool for streamed QuickTime media.

StreamLogger is like a traditional video logging tool for streamed QuickTime media. As a special purpose tool, you should download the free trial, & test with your own media interests & files in mind. We also have sample log files available on our web site.
That said, you will find StreamLogger fast, fun & easy (as they say). By using QuickTime reference movies, & QuickTime technology, StreamLogger allows the creation of "markers" corresponding to specific time points in the QuickTime stream file. These markers can be used to quickly return to that specific point in the video program, by yourself or others. Markers include a thumbnail image from the movie, as well as user-defined comments for each one.
StreamLogger is designed with distance education, corporate media libraries, and media archival departments in mind, but anyone who uses or views streamed QuickTime media will appreciate its capability.
Log files, complete with markers, commentary, original log author hot links, etc. are fully cross-platform compatible with both OSX and Windows users.
Unregistered users can try all the functions of the application, but can only save log files with up to two markers. The application does not time-out, and registered users can save files with any number of markers. Playback of log files remains a free function of the application permanently. The program can be made to launch directly to the player mode, even when unregistered.
NOTE: Version 1.1 of StreamLogger is English only. Future versions may support localization, based on the number of requests.
What's new in this version:
More GUI improvements and refinements - made even simpler to use! Log file format has been changed to better support current and upcoming features New media handling user preferences added Optimizations to QuickTime control Added continuous movie time display (TimeCode) Improved ability to work with local files (in addition to Streamed Media) Additional sample log files and reference movies posted to the web site for download

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