StorMan 8.1

Thanks to database encryption technology, your customer data is safe.
8.1.18 (See all)
StorMan Software

StorMan -self storage software for PC and Mac.

Main Features:

- Easy to setup, easy to use

StorMans self storage software features a colour-coded layout and an install time of less than 5 minutes!

- Stable, safe & secure

Thanks to database encryption technology, your customer data is safe, secure and stable.

- Works on Mac & PC

StorMan's range of self storage & mini storage software works on both Windows PC and Mac platforms.

- Scalable software that grows with you

Why spend big if you're only starting out small? With pricing based on the size of storage facility, our software grows with you.

- Integration-friendly

Need StorMan software to talk to an access control system, alarm system, kiosk or payment system? No problem; we're integration-friendly.

- Highly recommended

StorMan is used to manage over 5,000,000 storage units worldwide and comes highly recommended by our customer base.

- Pays itself off FAST

Did you know that StorMan pays itself off in under 6 months and, better still, generally costs less than 1% of your annual turnover?

- Accurate

Self storage management software needs to be accurate - which is why we have a number of accountants involved in the development process.

- Become part of the family

Join the StorMan Family through our facility promotions, guest bloggers, client portal, electronic newsletters & storage association events.

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