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Check exposure, focus, colour, audio, audio sync and editorial content on-set.
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Whether you are a DIT, DP, Editor or a combination of all three, STORM is useful from the moment your media comes off the camera, right through to final delivery.
Optimised for RED Workflows, STORM's professional tools and real-time scopes allow you to check your clips, immediately communicate results, and raise everyone's confidence on-set.

Check exposure, focus, colour, audio, audio sync and editorial content on-set as soon as your media becomes available.

Put your metadata to work. Find shots with incorrect framerate or resolution immediately.

STORM gives you the tools to filter and tag your media using all available metadata. Create custom tags to identify shots with specific actors or by location.

Simplify the transition from production to post.

In STORM you can make your selects, trim them, apply looks and quickly pull together a rough edit for review. Export media with Looks and audio in Quicktime, or as single image files in DPX or EXR.

Transfer your media, bins and timelines into Final Cut Pro for an offline edit and then STORM will conform your edit and re-link back to the original media where it can be verified on STORM's multi-track timeline.

STORM is fluid and easy to use. STORM allows you to optimise for the task at hand and allows you to define custom workspaces for more efficient organisation of media, editing, or grading. STORM will help you speed up the process between what occurs on-set and the post production pipeline.

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