Stock Investment Guide

Stock Investment Guide 4.2

Analyze and control the development of a stock portfolio.
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Gather stock information and generate charts. Access NAIC and the StockCentral data services, set up your credentials, create your own stock library and organize the companies into portfolios and investments. Monitor your investments and the stock of publicly traded companies.

Stock Investment Guide (SIG) performs fundamental stock analysis, using the methods used by stock clubs. SIG generates buy, hold, and sell levels for the stock being analyzed. SIG can read and write standard .ssg file formats, create semi-logarithmic graphs of stock data, and perform a complete stock investment guide.
The Stock Investment Guide works with online data sources or with a paid subscription service from AAII. Users can also trade .ssg files with fellow club members, even if other members use Windows. Also includes Portfolio Analysis and Stock Comparison applications integrated with the software.

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