Stitcha 1.3

Combine individual images to create panoramas.
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Stitch together separate pictures to create panoramic images. Work with the instruments for manual or automated combination building, check the seamlessness of connections, replace or re-arrange individual items, preview the editing results, send them to printing, etc.

Create beautiful panoramas with ease.
Easy to use
Stitcha puts the power of photo stitching at your service, in a small, well-conceived application. No endless configuration, no abstruse settings: drop your photos or your video, wait a few seconds, and you are done.

Source agnostic.
Stitcha is clever: it accepts pictures and videos (even vertical 1080p ones !), and will extract from them beautiful panoramic views. Why take 4 or 5 photos while you could just take out your iPhone (or really, any phone or camera) and make a 4 sec video that will capture the entire scene.

Whatever language you speak, there is a good chance Stitcha will speak it too. We currently have support for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Slovak, and we are planning to add even more in the future.

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  • Vertical stitch tool