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Stellar Wipe is a comprehensive solution to maintain your computer privacy.
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Stellar Wipe is a comprehensive solution to maintain your computer privacy by wiping worthless yet sensitive information from your computer, beyond recovery. Stellar Wipe can be used to wipe specific file(s) or entire Hard Drive.
Operating systems store record of all activities such as browsing Internet, opening documents constantly. In addition, deleted or formatted data also has traces on hard drive, data recovery software use these traces to recover data, making the hard drive inefficient. When you delete data from hard drive the data content is not deleted entirely, instead the space occupied by previous data is marked as free space and the new data is written on that free space.
Stellar Wipe erases data completely from hard drive. Once data from the Drive is wiped by using Stellar Wipe you will not be able to recover that data. Stellar Wipe also erases all system traces. In addition, it can erase free space completely such that all traces of previously stored data will be completely removed. If you wipe the whole Hard Drive all the data present in the Drive is erased beyond recovery.
Extremely secure algorithms which confirm to the US Government DoD standards are used to ensure permanent data deletion. Stellar Wipe can use any of the algorithms for wiping process. The software is menu driven, simple to use with an intuitive interface, and requires no prior technical skill.
You can also use Stellar Wipe to create a bootable disk.

Main Features:

- Wipe Hard Drive
- Wipe Internet browsing data stored by Web browsers
- Wipe file and folder
- Wipe system traces
- Wipe unused space
- Wipe Recent File Histories
- Wipe Instant Messaging
- Schedule the wipe task
- Wiping algorithm
- Create Bootable DVD

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