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Stellarium is a planetarium utility designed for Mac.

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I think that the best effect from the application can be got in combination with a projector and 3D technology. Just imagine how beautiful it can be.

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It gave me a magnificent feeling of floating in space. It is incredibly easy to lose the track of time when you deal with this application, so be careful. As I can't afford a telescope, nor a flight into space to enjoy the stars, this is the most acceptable way for me to enjoy the magic of space flights.

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I totally love this software, because it gives me an opportunity to make a journey I have always dreamed about and will never make in the real world: I mean an interstellar journey, though not aboard a spacecraft.
What's even better, I am an early bird and, therefore, have a chance to observe the star sky only seldom (mostly at parties with a bottle of beer in my hands), and this program allows me to watch the night sky even at noon.

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