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Starving Aphid is a very cute arcade game for the Mac.
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Starving Aphid is a very cute arcade game for the Mac. In it, you control little insects called aphids and you have to help them make their way up to the flowers so they can eat them. After all, they are very hungry creatures. The flowers will be located on platforms and you have to shoot the aphids by clicking and dragging on them. When you release the mouse button, the aphid will be slingshot in the direction you chose. Each level has a given number of flowers that you have to eat. There are no time limits and you can shoot as many aphids as you want, even multiple ones can be on the screen at the same time.

As you progress through the game, the levels will get more difficult, but since there aren't any limits, there really isn't a challenge. After 15 or so levels, you will find new gameplay elements. One of them is a set of stars located on the screen. These let you teletransport your aphid from one star to the other. In other words, when the aphid touches one of the stars, it will disappear and re-appear on the other star. You will need to use these transporters to clear some of the levels.

The game has music playing in the background all the time. There are different songs, but they become very repetitive after a while.

In short, Starving Aphid is a nice and cute time-killer. It doesn't really challenge you, but I guess it can be fun to play one there isn't anything else to do.

José Fernández
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  • Easy to play
  • Nice time killer


  • Not too challenging
  • Unclear score system
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