Standard Snake

Standard Snake 2.1

Standard Snake is an entertaining arcade game for Mac.
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Anyone who owned a Nokia phone back in the days must have played the famous Snake game at least once. This app provides you with a revised version of the aforementioned game and is designed specifically for Mac users who are into playing arcade games on their computers.

The principle of the game is the same, hence, your goal is to guide the snake on the screen to collect items. In the meantime, you need to move the snake in such a way that you avoid hitting its own body or the margins of the screen (the game is over if one of these two events happens).

The more objects your snake gets to eat (by running into the items with the head of the snake), the more points you earn.

I like that the app lets you choose between three speed levels and it automatically saves your highest scores (displayed on the Main Menu window).

However, some options are missing, e.g. the ability to change screen resolution or sound volume. What's more, you cannot save your gameplay progress.

Still, Standard Snake is free of charge and comes in handy during short breaks from work. So, it's up to you to decide whether the app's worth installing on your computer.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Simple interface
  • Lets you choose between three speed levels
  • Keeps track of your highest scores


  • Unable to save game progress
  • Lacks gameplay options
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