StackInbox 2.2

Checks your StackExchange GlobalInbox, every 2 minutes, for new items.

This apps checks your inbox, every 2 minutes, for new items, and when it does sets the dock badge icon to a Star. You can choose to have the number of unread items in the dock badge in Preferences. Auto-refresh happens every 2 minutes. Clicking on an item opens it your web browser (this isn't a client which you can view the site in, on a desktop the website is the best for that :)) Keeps track of unread items itself (the number of unread items wit necessarily match what the site says, this might sound bad but it's the best way of handling it, due to necessary limit in the API)
Integration with Growl, get notifications on your desktop (Growl only required for customisation of notifications)
What's new in this version:
Optional desktop notifications with Growl Integration. (Growl not essential)

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