SSPX 3.7

Calculate strain/strain rate from displacement/velocity data.

SSPX is a program to calculate strain/strain rate from displacement/velocity data in two and three dimensions. SSPX is a full fledged inverse modeling program to calculate best fitting deformation tensors given displacement or velocity vectors at a minimum of three points in two dimensions, or four points in three dimensions. SSPX works equally well on small deformation problems such as computing strain rates from Global Positioning System (GPS) data, and large deformation problems such as computing the strain in a highly deformed discrete element model (DEM). SSPX was made for geologists, but it can be used by anyone interested in computing strain/strain rate from displacement/velocity data.
What's new in this version:
Add a DEM format for stations. This allows plotting stations (particles) with their actual radii and if the stations id's are 1-4, coloring the particles (good for DEM layered models). Add transparency to stations, stations labels, and displacement vectors if there are cells behind these elements. Increase maximum zoom to 50 x.

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