SRS iWOW Premium for iTunes

SRS iWOW Premium for iTunes 3.1

Smart audio enhancement plugin for iTunes.
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Immersive 3D Audio
Patented solutions in iWOW Premium greatly improve the playback of audio by creating an expansive sound stage, putting you, the listener, in the center of the performance. iWOW Premium also restores audio cues that are buried in the original source material so your music and videos files sound more natural and more detailed.
Rich Surround Sound from Headphones or 2 Speakers Envelope yourself in a theater-like 5.1 surround sound experience when watching DVDs or other multichannel content over headphones or just 2 external speakers. Presets for the Ultimate Flexibility
The preset dropdown menu lets you choose the music or video preset that best fits your audio files. Select from a number of different presets for your videos and music, like rock, classical, blues, jazz, country and more!
Intuitive and Attractive User Interface
The highly intuitive and aesthetically designed iWOW Premium user interface provides you with easy-to-use presets and a stylish graphical representation of your music.
What's new in this version:
V 3+ works with Snow Leopard

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