SRGP-X 1.0

Port of Simple Raster Graphics Package
1.0 (See all)
Nick Zitzmann

SRGP-X is a port of the Simple Raster Graphics Package (SRGP) to Carbon, allowing projects that use SRGP to run natively under Mac OS X.
SRGP is a raster graphics library described in the book Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice by James D. Foley, et al. (ISBN: 0201848406 for the second edition). There was also a Mac-specific SRGP book in print at one time or another, Introduction to Computer Graphics Macintosh Version Software of SRGP and SPHIGS Software by James D. Foley, et al. (ISBN: 0201609568).
This is a beta release; there are still some bugs in it. Please read the read me file for more information, and instructions on how to create projects with this library. Source code is included.

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