SquareNanotes 1.1

SquareNanotes is a simple note-taking program for Mac.
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SquareNanotes is a program that helps you manage your daily memos in a convenient way. The application features an intuitive interface, various settings for changing the appearance of the notes, and a simple way to export the memos in case you need to share them later.

By working with this utility you can create notes containing project ideas, grocery lists, event reminders, and many others. You can select the proper text style (opt for another font type and size) and change the memo's background image if necessary.

Once you finish adding notes to your memo list, you can export them as images to your local folders. This feature might come in handy if you wish sync the notes across your iPod and read them while you're away from your Mac.

The only aspect I don't like about this note-taking utility is that it supports only one output format (PNG) when it comes to exporting memos.

Other than that, not much more can be said about this program. It does exactly what is stated on the homepage of the developer. And since is free to use for unlimited time, I can't find any reason why you shouldn't at least try it to see if it meets your requirements.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • Offers you various ways to customize the appearance of the notes
  • Lets you export the notes


  • Lets you export the notes to only one output format (PNG)
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