SQL Power Architect 1.0

User-friendly data modeling tool created by data warehouse designers...
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SQL Power Architect is a user-friendly data modeling tool created by data warehouse designers, and has many unique features geared specifically for the data warehouse architect. It allows users to reverse-engineer existing databases, perform data profiling on source databases, and auto-generate ETL metadata.
- Accesses source databases via JDBC
- Connects to multiple source databases concurrently
- Compares data models, database structures and identifies discrepencies
- Drag-and-drop source tables, columns into the playpeN
- Remembers the origin of each column
- Generates source-to-target visual Mapping Reports
- Forward-engineers to PostgresSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, more
- Saves source data structure snapshots in the project, so you can work remotely
- All project data is stored in an easy-to-parse XML format
- BSD licensed



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