SpriteBuilder 1.4

Build and modify Android and iOS 2D games.

Access a 2D development toolkit for building both iOS and Android games. Manage Objective-C content, work with the built-in animation editor, localization tools, and the Chipmunk and Cocos2d optimization patterns. Run debugging tests on the unfinished game builds.

SpriteBuilder is a complete game studio for quickly building high quality native iOS games with Objective-C and Xcode. Build brilliant games at top speed. SpriteBuilder packages the best-in-class tools for iOS game development, Cocos2d and Chipmunk, with a professional grade visual editor so you can build 2d games faster than ever before. Finally you have to tools to write a cross-platform game using truly native APIs in Objective-C. From Sidebolt to Pocket Gems, SpriteBuilder has been used by top game studios to rapidly prototype and release top selling games. The source code is available under the commercially-friendly MIT license. Features: Designer-friendly GUI Fully extensible open source platform Animation editor for scenes, characters and boned animations Tileless editor User interface designer Resource management and sprite sheet generation Tools for localization

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