Sprite Monkey

Sprite Monkey 2.1

Create sprite sheets.
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Sprite Monkey is a sprite sheet/strip maker. It allows you to load png images of all sizes and position them the way you want with your mouse. You can move, rotate, crop and overlap (32bit PNG) them to get the smallest sprite sheet possible. There's even a script editor that allows you to create custom sprite coordinate scripts. Just type the code or script you already know and use the Sprite Monkey tags to pull the sprite sheet information. You can even share your custom scripts with your team, friends and on forums by simply copying and pasting it.
What's new in this version:
18 and 12 bit (w/alpha) export options. HTML5 example included in the script editor, if there is not already a script named "HTML5" in the editor. "Reset Alpha Clip" was renamed to "Expand Alpha Clip". Expand Alpha Clip uses the "+" shortcut key. Updated help file.

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