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Free Sprite Master Web is a Spritesheet creation tool for Web Designers.
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Sprite Master Web is a Spritesheet creation tool for Web Designers. It helps you to organize your sprites into one image file and reduces image requests from your server, so speed-up your web site loading.
*** In this free version there is no limitation in functionality but your exported spritesheet image will be watermarked with %40 transparent red overlay.
* Uses advanced algorithms to generate smallest possible spritesheet image.
* Ability to trim your sprites' empty space for smaller results.
* Image optimization for PNG. Now, your published spritesheets are optimized.
* Sprite Master Web now tracks file changes on the system and automatically update your sprites.
* Special CSS State code generation depending on your sprite name. for example if your sprite name ends with hover, visited, etc. Sprite Master Web will generate appropriate CSS state code.
* Ability to minify exported CSS, 3 options (None, standart and high)
* Added mouse and keyboard sprite ordering. You can use your mouse and arrow keys to order your sprites (tip: use CMD+arrow to move faster).
* Supports Drag & Drop for import files (supports dropping .css file, parsers background images in .css).
* Update your sprites, reveal them in finder and remove from context menu quickly.
* CSS Preview window. Now you can view your CSS and copy your CSS code.
* Background pattern can be changed from preferences.
Supported Image Formats:
Supported Coordinate Data:
* CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
* XML (Generic sprite data in XML format)
* JSON (Generic sprite data in JSON format)
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