SpotLook 1.3

A graphical user interface app for Mac OS X Spotlight desktop search engine.
Bring a graphical user interface to Mac OS X Spotlight desktop search engine. The utility uses timelines displaying results according to their date and provides the options to define your own tracks, based on the files UTIs. Create, edit,and customize tracks, including a search scope and attributes. Select items and view them with Quick Look or Finder.

SpotLook is a graphical interface to Mac OS X Leopard's Spotlight desktop search engine.
It features tracks, which are timelines showing results according to their date.

Tracks can be created, edited and customized include a search scope and attributes to search for.

Found items can be viewed with Quick Look or revealed in the Finder.

This is an 2500 Objective-C lines open-source project; your contributions are welcome.

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