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A somewhat Lemmings-like game with ethereal audiovisuals.
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Spirits is a somewhat Lemmings-like game with ethereal audiovisuals. The goal of each level is to guide the autonomously moving mushroom-like glowing creatures to the swirling portal within each level by turning a selected number of them into wind-blowers, diggers, wind-blockers, or leafy stairs, depending on the setting and what morphs are available.

For each level, there is a minimum number of saved spirits required to pass; passing unlocks further levels. Saving a greater number of spirits and touching the level's bonus plants with a spirit also increases the player's rank, which is tracked and compared per-level and overall to every other player in the world. Levels completed perfectly display a gold outline.

The ambiance of the game is rather eerie, in a way that I personally find simultaneously dull and unsettling, but which others may find meditative. A significant amount of gameplay depends on making the most of wind currents which, while visualized by flowing particles, do not always act in an intuitive matter.

Sam's Protip: Leaf stairs can generally be removed by digging spirits if that morph is available.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Puzzles that make you think
  • Global ranking system


  • Pace is sometimes too slow, even in fast-forward mode
  • Difficulty level probably too high for casual players
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