Spiral 13.4

spiral path creator for Adobe Illustrator
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Spiral generator plugin for Illustrator
Creates 100s and 100s of different spiral designs for use in Illustrator (r)CS2 CS1 10.
Plugin set comes with a selection of presets / many options to tweak the spiral designs. The plugin can be used to generate square-spiral / flower spiral designs / warped spiral designs / circular spirals / wide variety of unique spiral design + the spirals can be randomized in many different ways + shape modified + sketched / hand drawn spiral features + drop shadow spirals and much more. Also now comes with pattern features and additional spiral structures such as gap and random gap settings
The spiral designs can be used with text / used as a symbol / manipulated further / add graphic styles .. use throughout Illustrator (r)
The spiral set also comes with a selection of bonus material such as 100+ symbols as well as bonus graphic styles and script.
The plugin set is part of the Andrew's (vector) plugin series (volume 13).
What's new in this version:
Added new spiral structures - use gap instead of decay to create spirals Extended range of some items such as gap and number of spirals More presets added for the gap settings Updated documentation



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