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Spin Music Pro is an online radio application for the Mac.
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Spin Music Pro is an online radio application for the Mac. It used to come in two different versions, a free one and a "Pro" one. Now, the free version doesn't seem to be available anymore. You can only download this one. Graphically, and functionally, they both are nearly identical. Spin Music Pro costs for only 1.99 cents, and it gives you access to quite a few different radio stations from the menubar. There are 40 available channels (or radio stations). Some of the available channels are: 80's music, 90's music, 8bit, soundtracks, rock, pop, lounge, Brazilian, World, Dance, and others.

You can control the music playback from the menu that is opened when you click on the menubar icon. You can pause playback, skip the current song, change the channel, and adjust the volume. Unlike the old free version, in this one you can add channels to your list of favorites. The application doesn't have any ads. The "Pro" version remembers the tracks that you have played and lets you buy any song that is playing from iTunes, which is pretty neat.

During my time with Spin Music Pro, I didn't see any problems with the app. All the channels were working, and the quality of the sound was not bad. Of course, this is streaming music, so don't expect crystal clear sound. One of the biggest complaints by users of this app is that you can't add your own radio stations.

My only problem with this app is that while you are skipping a song, you can't do anything else. All the options are disabled for a few seconds. You can see this on my third screenshot.

José Fernández
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  • All the channels worked
  • You can buy songs playing on a channel from iTunes
  • No ads


  • Skipping songs made options unavailable for a few seconds
  • The free app served as a nice trial for this, but is now gone
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