Spellbinder 1.0

GUI for the update_prebinding CL tool
1.0 (See all)
James Huston

Spellbinder runs the update_prebinding command line tool. I made this to make using this command easier than running it from the Terminal whenever I needed to do it, such as when disk images begin to mount slowly or if I desire to free up RAM.
I have included some options in Spellbinder that I think are handy.
The first option is to save your administrator password to disk, since this is saved as plain text it is not recommended to be used for security reasons.
The second option is to run in debug mode. This runs through the entire process but doesn't actually prebind the files. This has the benefit of freeing the RAM that the usual prebinding does, without the hard disk wear and tear.
The final option is to quit Spellbinder when it is done, a self explanatory option.

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