SpeedTools Utilities Pro

SpeedTools Utilities Pro 3.9

Maintains and repairs all Mac hard drives.
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Intech Software Corporation
Optimize and preserve system functionality by scanning hard drives and identifying possible errors, damages or elements requiring updating. The program fixes bad sectors by defragmenting, downloads and installs official system utility updates, removes unwanted files, etc.

With SpeedTools Utilities Pro, Mac disk repair and maintenance has never been easier, faster or more automated. And, with its unparalleled collection of performance and problem-solving utilities, you'll have your Mac tuned to perfection and protected from disaster in minutes!
SpeedTools provides the advanced features you need: Safe and fast Disk Defragmenting, Bad Sector Detection and Repair, Disk Integrity Testing, Benchmarking, S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring with Email Notifications, Bootable Disk Backups, Locate/Repair Broken Aliases and Preference Files, Repair Damaged Volumes, Analyze Disk Usage, Low Disk Space Alerts, Find Large Files to recover wasted disk space and much more. Plus, Intech's popular ATA Hi-Cap Driver is included free - a $24.95 value!
Completely redesigned: With version 3, our designers created a stunning new interface while keeping it easy to understand. Our engineers significantly expanded its array of tools and fully optimized each for maximum performance. Scheduling automated tasks was added with Finder-like progress windows when your scheduled tasks begin. Plus, we gave SpeedTools 3 the unique ability to perform more than one task at a time on multiple volumes. And that's not all we've redesigned - Intech is pleased to announce an unbelievable new low price...

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