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visually analyze contents of InDesign docs
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Spec Cubed provides a simple, powerful way to visually analyze the contents of your InDesign documents. By analyzing over 150 attributes, ranging from leading and tracking to drop shadow properties and effective raster resolution, Spec Cubed radically simplifies the creation of visual style guides and specification sheets. Spec Cubed also facilitates visual preflighting of complex documents.
What's new in this version:
Spec Cubed can generate visual style guides or specification sheets to help designers create consistent layouts. Generating a style guide from an existing document by hand is a tedious and error prone process. Spec Cubed radically reduces the time required to generate specification sheets and ensures that the results are accurate.
Spec Cubed can be used to visually preflight documents. Determining whether documents conform to style guidelines is difficult and time-consumin...

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