SparkleUtil 1.3

Patch a RealBasic app with Sparkle 1.1.
1.3 (See all)

This application is a small utility to ease the integration of Sparkle in a program created with RealBasic and using the Sparkle.framework (Sparkle Version1.1 Carbon) distributed by: Monkeybread Software. SparkleUtil allows to create automatically from an application build by RealBasic the following files (assuming that the RealBasic application has for name - DescriptionProgRealBasic.html - Create the file Info.plist and make a copy in the bundle (ProgRealBasic:Contents:) - Copy the Sparkle.framework in the bundle (ProgRealBasic:Contents:MacOS:) - Compress in ProgRealBasic, X.X.X being the version number. - Create ProgRealBasic.xml
What's new in this version:
Added german langage for interface and documentation.

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