Sparkle 2: EVO

Sparkle 2: EVO 3.0

Sparkle 2: EVO is a visually stunning adaptation of the game flOw.
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Forever Entertainment S.A.

Sparkle 2: EVO is a visually stunning adaptation of the game flOw, a meditative top-down eat-or-be-eaten arena game. In EVO you can choose which of several forms to take on, each with its own attributes, by consuming prey selectively, and there is no risk of being damaged by other creatures.

Basically, there are three colors of food in the game: red, green, and blue. The instructions misleadingly indicate that eating these will fix your diet, but it doesn't really matter what you eat. Eating more of a particular color will turn your creature into the form corresponding to that color, that's all, and focusing on eating a specific color will enable you to finish levels faster.

In later levels, there are other creatures in the mix. The instructions are totally wrong in saying something about needing a superior level to eat one of these creatures - all you have to do is bite the bits of food off their bodies everywhere you see it, and attack the head only when all of these elements have been consumed. The creatures release a slowing cloud when you take your first and last bites, but they can't hurt you. Even if it looks like they're about to bite off your head, you'll just be bumped a level up, and you can immediately head back down to retry.

Sam's Protip: Click and drag the mouse to lead your creature, while using Z and X to dive deeper and the C key to use your special abilty. Double-clicking the creatures head activates it too, but is impractical when you're using the mouse to control, and using the mouse is much easier than using the arrow keys.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Hypnotically ethereal visuals
  • No way to lose - good for a casual game


  • Instructions could be much, much clearer
  • No progress saving per level - either cleared in one sitting or not
  • Excessively frequent loading screens
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