Spacework Orange Edition 1.1

Future-retro space design-game.
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Spacework is a future-retro space design-game. It's about a synthetized, controlled, primitive environment. The surface of the Titan is soaked by acid precipitation. You receive alarm-signals from the inhabitants. They have also mentioned a monolith having disappeared not long before this strange substance started to fall. You and your team set off to investigate the situation and organise the evacuation of the Titanians. On your way, the team is attacked, and you are the only one who survives. The attackers take you and your ship to their planet, the Triton and leave you alone in a zone under control. You want to look around, but you've been locked up. You have to get out as soon as possible so that you can regain the monolith, leave the planet and head for the Titan. Spacework is available in two version: Red Edition and Orange Edition. What's the difference? Only the main color. Why these are separated? "We like stuffs that has only one way to use. No options, no settings, only the original idea is in it."



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