A game that involves constructing a pipe system from a queue of pieces.
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SpaceTrans is a unique puzzle game which involves constructing a pipe system from a queue of pieces. This queue contains all the pieces necessary to construct a path between the colors at the top of the screen and their destinations at the bottom of the screen. There may even be some extra pieces to throw you off the scent.

In each of the game's 32 levels, some pieces have already been placed to provide a framework for construction. In some of the levels this creates an obvious path that is almost trivial to fill, while in others it's hard to figure out where to start.

While it is technically possible to examine each pipe piece in the queue and plot out where they should optimally be placed, it would take an inordinate amount of time, and so the best option is to use a strategy based on the queue's general makeup. Nothing but curves? No point in holding out for straight pipes.

To add to the strategy, different pipe pieces are worth different amounts of points when a color passes through them. Making a simple structure may achieve the basic objective, but it may not make the most possible points. Conversely, it's possible to pass a level without getting all the colors to their proper destinations by racking up points while they travel. Get three stars (not necessarily a perfect score) if you want that fuzzy feeling of total completion.

Sam's Protip: Those familiar with Piperoll, the developers' main product, will be averse to leaving openings in the pipe system. But in this game, such openings may be necessary to complete the level.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Unique point-based puzzle that requires forethought
  • Piece randomization ensures it's not just sequence memorization


  • Difficult to scroll through available pieces
  • Maximum score" is sometimes erroneous
  • Only 32 levels
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