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SpacePig is a simple game in which you need to survive as long as you can on the moon. You need to score as many points as you can by collecting coins and gems. The coins are harder to catch because they move really quickly around the moon, so you will need to jump to get them. You will travel around the moon collecting these items, but you need to avoid falling meteorites and spikes, which kill you instantly by just touching you. You only have one life, so the game is over if you die and you will need to start all over again from scratch. To avoid the enemies, you simply change your path or jump over them.

Sadly, the game only offers one mode, but there are three difficulty levels, although the Novice mode seems to be challenging enough. The controls are really simple, since you only move the pig with the arrow keys and use Space to jump. Unfortunately, these are not customizable, so you will need to adapt to them. The game also lacks instructions on how to play the game, so I had to figure that out by myself. Graphics are nice but not very detailed, sounds are pretty realistic, and the music is very pleasant, featuring multiple songs.

In short, for me the game looks a bit silly since you go around the moon all the time and the scenario is exactly the same. Sadly, I could never pass level 1, so I don't know how the rest of the levels look like. From what I've seen, I really wouldn't waste my time and money with SpacePig.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Three difficulty levels
  • Challenging
  • Nice music
  • Realistic sounds


  • Graphics are not very detailed
  • Not very enjoyable
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