SpaceMines3D 1.1

SpaceMines3D is a variant of the traditional mine sweeper game.

SpaceMines3D is a variant of the traditional mine sweeper game with a 3D board in which you need to clear all the nodes from the field without exploding any bomb. If any bomb explodes, the game is instantly over. The game is very easy to play since you just need to click on the node once to select it or move it and double click to reveal their content. When you reveal the content of a node that doesn't have a bomb inside, it will reveal the number of adjacent bombs. If you are sure that a node contains a bomb, you can also mark it with a flag to remind you not to double click on that node. Note that the screen can be rotated by pressing and dragging it.

Before starting the game, you can select the mine field dimensions, such as the width, height, and depth, to make the game less or more challenging. The trial will give you a limited number of clicks, but at least you can have the idea of the game. The game offers nice graphics and sounds, but no music.

To conclude, SpaceMines3D offers a nice variant of minesweeper in 3D which definitely deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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