Spaceketball - Free

Spaceketball - Free 1.0

The space men are on the road!
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By Michael Sandt ASteam - creating new media

The space men are on the road! They are playing "Spaceketball" a kind of basketball but little different.You are playing a little funny 3D character named "Hoopsy" and must shoot some cool hoops.Hoopsy needs to train for the worst case of an attack by enemies.The game comes with 2 gameplays "HOOP ACTION" and "ENEMY ATTACK". It is a real physics 3D game.Note: This is the free version, so you have a limited playing time!"HOOP ACTION" is a touch reaction game."ENEMY ATTACK" is a third person controller game.Enjoy playing this game!Gameplay Videos: (HOOPS ACTION) (ENEMY ATTACK)

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