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Space Penetrators is an enjoyable and challenging shooter game.
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Space Penetrators is an enjoyable shooter game in which you need to destroy the two eyes of the brain to advance in levels. You will be protected by an armor which won't last long, but at least you can produce the majority of damage while the armor is still active. The game includes multiple enemies to kill such as spiders and other bugs that will also shoot at you. You will also notice diamonds floating which give you bonus points if you shoot at them.

The game includes two modes: Space Penetrators and Gates Penetrators. Space Penetrators is the mode the rules of which I explained before and it is the typical shoot-them-up mode. However, in Gates Penetrator, you need to shoot at the enemies shown using the fewer shots possible. Both games can be played with another player in a two player tag team or a two player Co-op, which is very funny. You can also customize your weapons, but the trial version only allows you to select one. There are also four difficulty levels which vary in the number of rounds, number of bombs, and amount of energy life. You will also find several power-ups that will fall from time to time, which you should catch, and many hazards which you should destroy or avoid. The game offers simple but nice graphics, but, unfortunately, no music.

To sum up, Space Penetrators is an enjoyable and challenging shooter game to pass the time that you should definitely try.

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  • Four difficulty levels
  • Two modes
  • Challenging
  • Enjoyable
  • Lots of power-ups and hazards


  • Simple graphics and sounds



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