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Space Math 2.4

Space Math is a mathematics educational game for small kids.
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Space Math is a mathematics educational game for small kids. In this game, you have to correctly provide answers for a series of mathematical operations to help your ship win a race against another ship. There are seven operations per level, and if you answer all of them correctly, you will win. You can also make mistakes in a few of them and still win the race. The interface is quite simple and not very well designed. There are two ships that seem to be hand-drawn using Paint or a similar graphics editor one above the other on a black background with stars and the sun hand-drawn as well. At the bottom, you see the operation and three possible results that you can click on. When you click on a correct one, the ship will move faster, if you click on a wrong one, the ship will stop. The race won't end unless you complete seven operations.

From the Options window, you can disable the sounds, and change the operations used. The default option is subtraction plus addition, but you can change it and choose only one of them.

In short, if you have small kids that are easily entertained and need to work on their math skills, Space Math can be a good choice. However, its poor graphical design and overall quality prevent me from recommending this app for older kids.

José Fernández
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  • Good for small kids to learn basic mathematical operations


  • Poor overall design
  • The music stops suddenly
  • The menus don't look great
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