Soulver 2.4

Soulver is an application for Mac that lets you make calculations.

Soulver is a program for Mac that brings a new concept of writing and making arithmetic calculations by giving you the ability to include words alongside math operations. By working with this app you can make currency conversions, calculate stock shares, solve trigonometry problems, etc.

The app automatically resolves any math problem and displays the result on the right side of the screen. In addition, it immediately shows the total sum of all written lines on the bottom side of the main window. If you wish to learn more about the supported functions, operators or units, you can always check the Reference tool.

The thing I like the most about using this application is the fact that it allows you to write a description for any calculation. By doing so, you can always know the purpose of the operation and it also helps a lot when sharing your calculations with other users.

This program offers you a simpler and more efficient solution for making math operations that many other calculators or spreadsheet apps have to offer. You don't need to enter complex formulas or deal with cells. All you have to do is write the numbers and operators, and the program quickly offers you the results you're looking for.

Another advantage of working with Soulver is the fact that it allows you to export your notes to various file formats, such as PDF, HTML, CSV or Plain Text. You can also share your notes with other users via email.

Cutting a long story short, Soulver proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to making calculations on your Mac. The app is very simple to handle, comes with dozens of helpful features, and offers you adequate results within seconds.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • You can use words alongside numbers
  • Offers adequate results within moments
  • You can export your calculations to various output formats
  • Available in many languages


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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