SoTicker 1.0

Horizontal scrolling bar for the desktop that contains your Twitter feed.
1.0 (See all)

It's time to elevate your Twitter experience to next level.
SoTicker is the most robust and simple Twitter client for your Mac to always keep an eye on your feed.
Some Features:
* Designed for your Mac
* Yosemite ready
* You never miss a tweet again
* One or Two line Ticker options
* No need to make additional setup. Automatically gets your Twitter settings.
* View posted images instantly
* Single click access to Tweet details
* Always on top option
* New tweets are bold
* See timestamp of tweets
* Links and hashtags are highlighted
* Set Ticker transparency
* Change scrolling speed
* Set number of tweets to scroll
* Show/Hide Ticker during your presentations
* Start at launch option

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