Sookasa 3.1

Industry-leading Dropbox encryption application for consumers, professionals and teams.
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Sookasa is the industry-leading Dropbox encryption application for consumers, professionals and teams. Sookasa transparently protects files across the Dropbox cloud and linked mobile devices, while preserving the native Dropbox user experience on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android. Sookasa creates a secure folder (called Sookasa) inside Dropbox and will automatically encrypt any file or folder placed inside the Sookasa folder. The Sookasa folder will look and feel like a normal folder, as long as the user is authorized to access the files. Sookasa provides seamless sharing of encrypted files using native Dropbox folder and file sharing. Unlike traditional file encryption solutions, Sookasa allows users to reset their password or revoke access to a lost device at any time. Sookasa is free for consumers, and costs $10/month or $100/year per user for professionals. Sookasa addresses compliance regulations such as HIPAA and FERPA and is widely used by professionals in the healthcare, legal, financial, and accounting industries.

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