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Solutions works as a simple calculator for chemical mixtures.
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Solutions is a lightweight application that works as a simple calculator for chemical mixtures. It is designed for chemists and students who need to calculate the mass, the volume, and the molarity of specific chemistry-related mixtures.

The program's interface is straightforward and intuitive. It displays suggestively an Erlenmeyer flask and dedicated fields to complete with chemical data. All you need to do is enter a chemical formula or a molar mass in order to find detailed information about a specific chemical compound. Once the solution's formula has been entered into the corresponding field, the molar mass is calculated automatically. To find the mass, the volume, and the molar concentration of the solution, you just need to enter two out of the three already-mentioned data in the corresponding boxes. As a consequence, the third field – which is left blank – will be calculated automatically. The application allows you to change the units of measurement for each chemical component so that the result fits your requirements.

With just basic features, the program offers an easy and convenient solution to find detailed information on specific chemical formulas.

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  • Finds the molar mass of a chemical solution
  • Ability to determine the mass, the volume, and the molar concentration
  • Selectable units of measurement
  • Straightforward approach


  • The interface is rather dull



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