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SoloFlight is a very nice productivity tool for the Mac.
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Tim Davies

SoloFlight is a very nice productivity tool for the Mac. It is a free tool that allows you to concentrate on one application at the time. This feature is called Single app mode. And it can be enabled from a menu on your menubar. When the app is running, it puts an icon on your menubar that looks like a plane. When you click on that icon, a menu with a few different options will be displayed. From here, you can enable or disable the single app mode or re-launch the Finder or Dock. The icon will change to an orange color when single app mode is enabled and to black when it is not.

When a single app mode is activated, you will only see windows for the currently selected application. For example, if you have Safari,, and Open Office running, with single app mode on, when you click on Safari's icon on the dock, every other window that does not belong to Safari will be hidden. Whenever you click on Open Office, the same will happen.

In conclusion, this is a great app for people like me who easily wander away from the important task at hand. It is easy to do that when you have Facebook, YouTube and a lot of other sites a few clicks away. The single app mode eliminates the temptation from your immediate work area.

José Fernández
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