Solitaire Mystery Four Seasons (Full)

Solitaire Mystery Four Seasons (Full) 1.0

Play a captivating hidden-object brain-teaser Solitaire game.

Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons (Full) is a captivating hidden-object Solitaire game, offering dozens of mini-games and brain-teasers to keep you sharp.
In the City of Magic Cards, time is standing still. Wise and foreboding Nature has placed a curse as punishment for the greed of the city's entitled inhabitants. Now, it is perpetually autumn in the drizzly district of Spades. The clubs are frozen in time by a never-ending winter. The hearts have halted at the very budding of a spring that may never blossom, and the Diamonds are drying out in the scalding summer sun. It's up to you to jump-start the Magic City clock, get it turning again, and restore tranquility to the city.