Most popular applications for Mac

Top software

Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player
Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player provides you with a convenient playback experience for your media files.
StuffIt SEA Maker
StuffIt SEA Maker or SEA Builder creates SEAs based on the StuffIt X compression format.
Online Bible
Full-featured program designed for serious Bible students.
Disk Diag
System optimizer that offers to clean your computer of useless files.
Text editor that can save and open in a useful set of formats: bean, rtf, rtfd, doc, docx, odt, and webarchive.
Simple but highly functional 2D plotting program. MjoGraph is well-customized for scientists or researchers who work with computer simulations and want to visulalize results quickly and easily. What's more, Mjograph offers a lot of tools to create publication-quality graphs. Main features: Plain user interface. Just drag and drop data file(s) you want to plot. Interactive zoom and scroll with the use of mouse action. Export as EPS, PNG, etc....
Elmedia Player
Elmedia Player, a versatile free media player for Mac, supports almost all commonly used video &
Home Inventory
Exactly what its name implies: a utility designed to help you store information about your house items.
Android emulator designed for Mac computers. With its help, you can play your favorite Android games directly from your computer, test the Android apps you developed and submitted to the Play Store, and so much more. The program's interface is very intuitive, so it requires minimum computer experience in order to use it effectively....
SA Color Finesse 3 UI
Color Finesse gives you the high-end color correction and enhancement tools you need as a plug-in for your favorite applications - including Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5 and later.
Miro Video Converter
Program for Mac that comes in handy when dealing with incompatibility issues between movies and the media player you're using.
OpenVPN helps you establish secure connections to other networks on the Internet.
Only service that unifies all of your communication channels with a free local US phone number, allowing you to Call, Text, and Chat in a single, intuitive interface, giving you full control of your interconnected lifestyle.
There can be numerous reasons why your Mac isn't working at its full potential anymore, such as reduced free space on your hard drive, malware attacks, outdated programs and unneeded startup entries.