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Drive Genius 3
With Drive Genius you can repair, optimize, erase, format or clone the entire drive.
Application that comes as an alternative to using Mac's Archive Utility for managing your compressed data.
Apple Remote Desktop
Best way to manage the Mac computers on your network. Distribute software, provide real-time online help to end users, create detailed software and hardware reports, and automate routine management tasks - all without leaving your desk. Featuring Automator actions, Remote Spotlight search, and a new Dashboard widget, Apple Remote Desktop 3 makes your job easier than ever....
Simple download manager that enables you to fetch clips from multiple video sharing websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many others.
Shape Collage
Program for Mac users who need to create photo pastiches with their favorite pictures.
Mac utility that enables you to fetch data from the web a lot faster than by using your web browser's download manager.
Easy-to-use and powerful movie player. You can choose QuickTime or FFmpeg as decoder for each video codec and reopen with other decoder instantly. Movist supports many useful features to enjoy movies including H.264 video decode......
Utility that gives you immediate access to Mac settings which are hidden or difficult to locate on your computer.
Program designed for Mac that helps you manage your projects with ease.
This is an easy-to-use Mac OS X's FTP client. Transferring file to and from your FTP location becomes very easy with this program. All of the features of the modern file transfer application can be found within. A whole myriad of options can be found in preferences allowing you to tweak the program just the way you need it....
Essential Mac disk utility. Everything just disappeared after your Mac went haywire. All your work documents. The music you most enjoy. The movie of your kid's first steps. It's your life and it's gone. Don't panic! DiskWarrior will find your documents, photos, music and any other files when disaster strikes and things go missing. Perhaps you've tried to open a document and all that happens is a color wheel that spins and spins and spins?...
More than just a tool for locating and opening files or programs on your Mac.
Application that allows users to convert between a very generous range of audio and video extensions.
Lightweight open-source image viewer for the Mac. It is designed to let you browse and manage your images more efficiently than Preview or other image editors. It uses OpenGL to display and scroll images, which should be faster than the Preview app....