SoCal 0.5

Get Things Done the natural, unobstrusive way!
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SoCal... Get Things Done the natural, unobstrusive way!
Cool Stuff:
- It's a menu extra
- Free (you're also free to donate...)
- SoCal is powered by Apple's CalendarStore framework, meaning it uses the same database as iCal with live updates and no conflicts.
- SoCal does not use Cocoa's garbage collection memory management, resulting in a very small memory footprint at all times. End user systems shipping with 4 gigs of RAM is no excuse for sloppy resource handling.
- Access your tasks' notes and URL, change their priority or their parent calendar, see when they're due, remove or set them as completed all in the same menu.
- Collections help you categorize your tasks.
- SoCal extends iCal's functionality by letting you flag tasks just like you'd flag an email in
- You are always a click away from editing a task in iCal.SoCal is based on BurnoutMenu. The original concept is used with permission and support.
Planned Stuff
- Quick Add
- Windowed manager
- French localization
- Much more

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