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Snoto Photo is a desktop application for browsing your recent photos.
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Snoto Photo is a desktop application for browsing your recent photos as well as the recent photos of others. You can also do a slideshow of the photos.
This is a demo application designed to make it easy for those looking to learn more about Adobe AIR. The source code should hopefully be self-explanatory.

In its current incarnation, it's fairly straightforward: the app loads your recent photos. You can view your contacts and load any of their photos, as well. Click on "View as Slideshow" and a slideshow will start using the photos currently in the thumbnail view. Click on the "Full Screen" button and you will see a full screen mode which you can press Esc to exit.

When viewing the large version of a photo, right-click on an image and you can "Set as Background".
How it was built

Snoto Photo is built using Adobe AIR, Mootools, and the Flickr API.

There are a number of classes: App, ApplicationUser, Dialog, Flickr, FlickrImage, and Slideshow.
The App class is a singleton that initiates the ApplicationUser which handles authentication. It also handles access to the EncryptedLocalStore for storing settings.
The ApplicationUser, upon authentication, will load in the contacts and the thumbnails for the user.
The Dialog class handles the custom dialogs that appear in the app along with the semi-opaque screen that appears in the background.
The Flickr class handles all calls to the Flickr API as well as some other common tasks.
The FlickrImage class handles inserting the thumbnails into view, adding event handlers and loading the large versions of the images.
The Slideshow class iterates over the items in the thumbnails cache. The API for this class is already set up to add custom slideshow controls to allow users to go forward or backwards through the collection.

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