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Access the Snooker simulation games on your desktop. Play Snooker and other pool games according to the rules, pot balls into pockets and score more points than your competitors. Customize the settings, select the online mode and compete with users all over the world.

Snooker is an easy to play and realistic computer simulation of the popular Snooker game. With several settings and options to customize the game to your playing style. The aim of Snooker is to pocket the balls legally according to the rules and to score a greater number of points than the opponent.
Amazing Online Game Mode to enjoy hours of fun with connencted players around the globe. Give it a try downloading the evaluation version. Tell your friends (Win or Mac) to do the same and experience the emotions of playing real Pool from the convenience of your computer.
Snooker is a great complement to your iChat, Skype, MSN, Yahoo or any other messenger application when you want to have some fun with your remote friends or family.

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